Enjoy the natural beauty and delicious cuisine!

Pylli i Levanit, a culinary oasis among trees and hills.

Pylli i Levanit , an exceptional restaurant in the shadow of the forest. Here we offer traditional and Mediterranean dishes with an excellent service.


With a wide collection of carefully crafted games and a special design for children, this destination offers a wonderful entertainment experience for the little ones. The environment is suitable to ensure that the children have a great and enjoyable time. The perfect environment away from the city and the noise to entertain your children.

Parku i lojrave
Parku i lojrave

Celebrate your magical moments

Our restaurant "Pylli i Levani" is an enchanted place to create the sweetest memories for birthdays, weddings and every important moment in your life. The outdoor environment inspired by nature offers a special atmosphere to celebrate and experience the most beautiful emotions of life.

For birthdays, this is a perfect solution to celebrate your birthdays or those of your loved ones. The state-of-the-art kitchen serves the most delicious dishes and the staff of qualified staff ensures that your party is unforgettable.

When it comes to weddings, Levan Forest is a wonderful destination to share this special moment with your friends and family. The comfortable and well-kept atmosphere of the bar makes this day a sweet and memorable event.

Ambienti Festiv
Ambienti Festiv

Stay in our Hotel

Take advantage of your trip to the Levan Forest and explore the beauty of nature while enjoying the different flavors of our restaurant's cuisine. The rooms of this special hotel in the middle of the forest give you the opportunity to create the most beautiful memories of your stay in this natural oasis.

Reserve a table

Request a reservation now and enjoy an unusual experience in the midst of peaceful nature. The harmony of our cuisine and the beauty of the environment will make you share special moments under the shadow of the forest. We welcome you with pleasure! 🌿🍽️